The Feminine Shine Tea Ritual

Feminine shine tea is a blend of herbs which are known to help females since ancient times) that Hedi herself has been using to help cleanse and regulate the functions of her crown jewels (the ovaries/uterus, all the organs peculiar to only females). Whenever things slow down it may assist in speeding it up (irregular periods), whenever it is to much it may assist in decreasing the levels menstrual activity, regulating it into its expected discharge. She also finds this blend useful for assisting menstrual cramps (lessening it), she has had fantastic feedback from those who have used it upon her recommendation.

For your intention (lesser pain, regular periods, ovarian cyst gone please!) this tea may assist you but you are the pilot. If you do not give it direction and intention, it may only slightly assist you. All the best feedback and requests for more of this tea come from clients that follow Hedi`s instructions and have a purpose:


Making your tea:

    • Make your tea in the evening when you mind is solely focused on you.
    • Put a tablespoon of Feminine Shine Tea in a tea pot, add two cups of boiled water and close the lid so that some the valuable nutrients of your herbs such as their essential oils do not evaporate with the steam.
    • After 4-5 minutes (the above process was called steeping) pour half of you tea in a cup. (The other half is for your morning ritual

Drinking your tea:

    • Find a quiet calm corner where you can concentrate on your self and visualise what you would like the tea and your body to do.
    • With every sip of your tea think of where you would like it to help you. Activate your brain and heart crystals (you are more powerful than any herb. Your body has so much more water than the tea you are holding and everything about you and all that water, knows you better than your tea so let it vibrate with your vision and intention of health and it will communicate it to you tea, full of wise herbs, better)
    • Visualise and tell yourself "I am at my most wonderful state" down there in your feminine region, that "my ovaries are woking wonderfully", that "every month my uterus is emptying all of its contents regularly, at the right amount” (unless you have a pregnancy! if you are pregnant then do not drink this tea) and that "I am at the my prime of my health and beauty ”, even if you are not. Meditate (repeat your affirmations and intentions) in this manner until you have finished sipping your tea.
  • Do not think of, or repeat to yourself the current problems you are experiencing. Our cells listen to everything we say, and go copy it. So say what you want but say it and visualise it like it is already present, so that our cells can copy this information/vision for the upcoming cells to be created soon in that area that behave exactly how you wish they would. Avoid saying what is it that you don’t want.
  • In the Morning warm up and have the other half of your tea in your pot, repeating the Meditation of intention above (avoids microwave ovens. Simply add some hot water to the left over tea to warm it up, once again talking affirmatively and with intention to yourself and the water mixing with your tea and during the Morning Tea Ritual)
  • Frequency : You may repeat your evening and morning tea drinking sessions for 21 days to benefit from Feminine Shine Tea ritual.  Later you may drink it prior to and during your menstrual weeks.
  • Remember that focusing your mind on your intention in a meditative way will create a new reality. So think of
Abundance of Wellness, good Health, love and harmony for Yourself and for All.



For Yarrow, they say, in some regions in Turkey, that even if its pollens blew threw the village, (with the wind) no women`s doctor has to visit that village.  It is known to be the ultimate herb for women (do look up it`s famous benefits) and this blend`s dominant herb is this wise lady that may sweep away all irregularities you are experiencing and may make your menstrual periods quite normal and even boring again.

Calendula is famous for maybe assisting the healing of infections, inflammation and ulcers. it contains anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that may help with healing wounds, eczema and skin issues by helping the liver.

St Johnson`s Wort is famous natural anti-depression herb. Because we women are also emotionally super drained as our uterus is being physically drained. Hedi finds it useful to add a little bit of this herb into the blend to maybe relax our nervous system so that other things in our body can get done faster and without drama.  It may boost your mood, chill you down and help with sleep.  Because of its relaxing properties it may also help with the relaxing of abdominal muscles.  

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