About Heady Naturals and Hedi


All products are handmade with love by Hedi (and Tolga, the husband) in their home in Melbourne, Australia. They use ethically sourced, certified organic ingredients and choose to dress their products in recyclable packaging. 

 They do not sell or recommend products or ideas which they do not use (or find useful) themselves.

Hedi is certified Self Directed Healing Practitioner, a qualified educator and singer-songwriter / creative with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and is trained in performing arts, music, jazz vocal (lovely), world cuisines, herbalism, reiki, transcendental meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, and sufism (which she believes is better not said- as in the way of the sufi) and is obsessed with yet never immune to beauty.

Tolga is a musician (an awesome guitarist), has a Bachelors Degree in International Relations and is just simply the best.

To listen to their music look up Hediye Guven on Itunes, spotify, youtube or simply look up this link : http://smarturl.it/hediyeguven

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