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HeadyNaturals’ Chakra Crystals Power Set is a assortment of beautiful crystals Hedi personally handpicked to accompany her, or anyone in need of magically;

  • getting the chakras open, aligned and flowing.
  • negative energy cleansing 
  • clarifying the mind, goals and passion
  • intentions activated and communicated into all realms 
  • motivation
  • amplifying positive energy
  • balance
  • feeling happier

Hedi likes to keep them under the mattress she sleeps aligned with the chakras they correspond to but also, on somedays, when she feels like taking one or a few of them around with her  (in her pocket, or bag, close to her body), she does.

They each have been cleansed but once you have purchased them, doing another cleansing and introducing them to you and your home is ideal to get them drawing and repelling negative energies away from you, hence assisting you in getting your chakra wheels spinning in harmony again. 

HeadyNaturals’ positive affirmation for the Chakra Crystals Power Set:

“I am crystal clear, full of love and light”


From top to bottom:

 Clear Quartz: (Balance) This Gem is thought to be the “master Healer” magnifying  healing properties of other crystals, one`s energy, intentions and thoughts. Opens and clears the mind from negativity and elevates one`s perception to more a enlightened point of view. It assists in fulfilment of one's prayers, healing and spiritual growth.

Pink Quartz (Love) calming and healing the heart, clearing anger, enhancing romance. the crystal of unconditional love. 

Blue Coral  (Luck) crystal of abundance. reveals areas of change and transition. healing old wounds. give inspiration courage and acceptance. 

New Jade (Trust) cleansing and detoxifying. helping one to trust the future. Balance and tranquility. Soothing and calming. 

Butter Jade (Dream) Purity, serenity, harmony, good luck and friendship. Connection of dreams and reality. Grounding. 

Yellow Aventurine (Compassion) Helps overcome grief, centers emotions. Grounding one with compassion and understanding. 

Orange Aventurine (Creativity) Helps overcome challenges. Amplifies and focuses energies of creativity, vitality, and determination, good fortune. 

Your Chakra Crystals Power Set comes in a 100% cotton bag handmade for Heady Naturals` Crystals.