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GLOW organic Deodorant paste, is a slightly stronger version of Heady Naturals' Flow Organic Deodorant formulated for warmer and stickier weather conditions, stronger body odour and for those who love spicier food. (Yes we are what we eat so we will also smell like it)

Men and boys definitely prefer this one, fyi- they tend to have stronger body odours and thicker skin compared to women.

Tolga (Hedi's husband) has been using Heady Naturals Glow Organic Deodorant for 6 years now and he will beg her to make more whenever they run out. Great for men! if you have some on, you really can "glow" throughout your day, carefree of unpleasant odours. 

(Flow organic deodorant - best for women,-the Hedi uses, was developed as the aluminium free version of this deodorant paste, Glow Deo.)

It is a plant based, gluten free paste scented with the most beautiful combination of lavender, orange, melissa (lemon balm) and bergamot essential oils. 

Directions:Simply take a small amount (on cold days with the spatula provided) and warm it between your fingers then massage it into your sweaty spots. Those who love its perfume may rub it onto their non-sweaty spots too. (Not on your face, of course)

Ingredients: Cornstarch, baking powder, coconut oil, shea butter tea tree oil, and a special blend of lavender, bergamot, orange, melissa essential oils.

Take Note that: Due to its all natural ingredient content, especially because of the coconut oil and shea butter, our Glow Organic Deodorant will tend to change consistency in warm and cold weather so in the cold months keep your deodorant in a warm place (or basically make sure you warm it up between your fingers as it will soften. Hedi has tried formulating it with ingredients that would keeps the content soft but it did not work as well as this formula did with bio odours.

The baking powder/corn starch content may powder up - stain your dark colored clothing but do not panic, it is washable. Hedi recommends you apply Glow Organic Deodorant after you get dressed so if any staining occurs, it will not be visible.  Most customers have said it does not stain at all, but just letting you know, in case. 





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