HEDI HEALING SESSION - Self Directed Healing

HEDI HEALING SESSION - Self Directed Healing

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Hedi, qualified with a Bachelors degree in Education and a certified Practitioner of Self Directed Healing,  well-experienced (15 years) in one on one coaching sessions, provides holustic wellness coaching and mentoring services working with you in every aspect, mind, body and spirit through Self Directed Headling to meet your unique needs. Hedi will be guiding,  assisting and empowering you as you will be:
Making healthy lifestyle choices,
Enhancing Selfcare techniques,
Clarifying purpose and passion,
Making wiser decisions,
Finding motivation,
Resolving issues,
Planning and achieving goals,
Creating a sense of direction and more success in your life,
Transforming negative thought patterns, and making way to a powerful and positive mindset that can help create happier outcomes in your personal and professional day to day lives.
Overcoming inner conflicts,
Boosting self-esteem and confidence,
Experiencing personal growth and development,
Improving your relationships,
Feeling happier,
A one on one SDH session is minimum 75 minutes. 

Online or face to face. 

If you are interested in becoming a Self Directed Healing Practitioner, contact Hedi who will inform and direct you to the training of the SDH modality.

Please provide contact infor (telephone/email adres) upon purchasing this service as you will be contacted for scheduling the session.


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